Phosphorus Filtration Technology

EutroSORB filters focus on stopping phosphorus concentrations from external flowing water. The filters cut off phosphorus at the source and reduce buildup in lakes. This means less algae growth and healthier water bodies.

  • Can be implemented in small or large systems
  • No equipment necessary for implementation
  • Easy to use – simply place it in water
  • Does not impact water chemistry
  • High phosphorus binding capacity – approximately 100 lbs. of EutroSORB will remove 1 lb. of phosphorus
  • Simply replace EutroSORB filters after recommended intervals
  • Exhausted EutroSORB media can be reused as soil amendment or disposed to a landfill

EutroSORB F protects and restores water quality

EutroSORB filters immediately bind and reduce phosphorus concentrations when placed in the flow of water containing phosphorus.

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