Phosphorus Locking Technology

EutroSORB G targets phosphorus in water bodies that have excess amounts. This high efficiency lanthanum modified bentonite (LMB) formulation is designed to eliminate phosphorus being released from the sediment. It offers immediate water quality improvement, removing phosphorus rapidly and permanently.

  • Labor friendly 10% LMB formulation
  • Half the volume required vs. 5% LMB
  • Does not impact water chemistry
  • Safe for fish, invertebrates, and personnel
  • No irrigation restrictions

EutroSORB G protects and restores water quality

EutroSORB G can be used in surface waters such as lakes, ponds, reservoirs, rivers, streams, canals, ditches, etc. For best results, distribute EutroSORB G uniformly over the surface of the water body or the area targeted for phosphorus inactivation.

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